We offer dog walking and dog boarding

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Dog walking short tour

We pick and deliver your dog from and to your home, or a pre-agreed address.


Our short dog walking tours are adapted for dogs that need to be walked during the day, and require play and socialization. Your dog will make new friends while exploring different nature sites. Dog walking lasts for about 40 minutes.

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Dog walking long tour

Our long tours are suitable for all dogs who need stimulation through activity or curiosity. We want your dog to use its energy as well as exploring exciting surroundings. The tour provides physical and mental stimulation for your dog while we have fun together. The long dog walking tour lasts up to 80 minutes.

We have an upper limit of six dogs per tour, and with dogs that fit well together. By limiting the size of the group, we ensure that your dog gets the attention and love it deserves.

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Your dog’s safety is of the utmost importance when we are together.

Through our insurance we compensate up to 4000 kr in case of accident.


Insurance covers:

  • Veterinary treatment following injury to the body caused by attack by other dogs.

If you have insurance for your dog it must always be used first, then we cover the deductible amount up to a maximum of 4000 kr.


​Insurance does not cover:

  • Old injuries and illnesses or conditions related to age

  • Genetic diseases or injuries

  • Pregnancy

  • Cuts, abrasions or other minor injuries that occur during play and running during dog walking.


Dog photography

If you require regular dog walking or dog care for more than three days we will photograph your dog for free. Your dog is photographed at least once during the contract period, where dog photography takes place during dog walking or overnight dog care. Your dog is photographed either alone or with other dogs. You will receive a digital photocopy upon request.

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